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Can I delete the contents of Windows NtUninstall?

Dave, downloading and installing Windows updates results in NtUninstall folders being placed in the Windows Directory, pertinent to each download. Do these folders need to be maintained and if so for how long? Over time, these folders accumulate to occupy a significant wad of disk space. If they can be deleted i.e. there are no problems resulting from the update, what is the recommended procedure? Will the deletions have any detrimental effects in on-going operations?

Hmmm... I never knew that 'wads' was a unit of disk space, actually. :-)

More seriously, the files contained within the NtUninstall folder tells your computer how to uninstall the a Windows update that you have downloaded and installed. Each folder has a specific name ending in the name of a particular Windows update.

If you were to go to add/remove programs and select a Windows update to uninstall, the information on how to run this process would come from the corresponding $Ntuninstall folder.

Some of these files are also related to....