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How do I get photos and music onto my Sony PSP?

How do I change my regular music to mp3 so that I can download it into my psp? I also can't get pictures into the psp? I have the regular usb cable

It's not too hard to transfer files from your Windows PC to your Sony PSP, but here's the trick: the "PSP Value Pack" doesn't have everything that you need. Not so good. In fact, you'll want to add a larger Memory Stick Duo, for example, because 32MB just isn't much space at all, when you come down to it.

The other missing piece in the Value Pack is the USB cable that lets you connect your Sony PSP to your Windows PC and, of course, vice versa. Fortunately, these are pretty easy to find - anywhere that carries Sony digital cameras should have the right USB cable, or you can try somewhere like...