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Forgot password to We-Blocker! Now what?

Dave, I've got We-Blocker filtering software installed on my laptop, but we've lost the password. They offer password retrieval for $10.00, but their phone number is no good. Is there anyway that you know of to hack the password, or to force-uninstall that program. I'd like to get rid of it. There is one guy on the web that claims that he can tell you how to do it, but you have to send him $10 in advance....I'm leery.

I can't imagine a more frustrating and annoying problem. Any application that won't let you uninstall it is just bad news and something I'd want to know before installing it so I could avoid even going near the download.

We-Blocker seems like a great little free program on the surface, a common complaint with We-Blocker is when it installs it goes quickly through the set up and password process and if you blink you'll be having to make that $10 phone call to their tech support, and this appears to be how they make their money.

So be careful when installing third party apps that play such an important roll in your daily computer usage!

If you can't remember typing a password it could still be set to the default which is..