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Bootloader configuration for Ubuntu, Yellow Dog Linux and Mac OS X?

Dave, I'm following your setup for installing Ubuntu, Yellowdog, and OSX on a G4. I purchased a new secondary hard drive and have successfully installed OSX, Ubuntu Linux and Yellowdog Linux 4.0.1.

I've installed the three OS's and have reached the step where Yellowdog now takes precedence over ubuntu and Ubuntu is no longer visible to the boot sequence. Please tell me exactly how to get YaBoot to recognize both OS's.

Ironically, I just this week wiped all the Linux partitions on my Apple PowerBook to have a full Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger install, so I can't reference my exact live configuration, but basically, you need to realize that there's a two stage boot process now: the main bootstrap utility is going to offer you the choice of Linux / Mac / CDROM. When you choose Linux, you then go to a SECOND bootloader which can be configured to let you choose the specific OS you want.

Here's what I explained in my article (which I've now posted as Linux On Mac? for people who didn't catch it in LinuxWorld Magazine):

Having installed Yellow Dog, I suddenly couldn’t see Ubuntu any more. If I hadn’t previously written down the partition number, I would have suspected that it had just vanished. A quick query to Ethan Benson, developer of yaboot, and I had my answer: I needed to...