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What's the best web-based conferencing solution?

Dave, I need to run a monthly online conference with some of my investors, something where I can talk them through some PowerPoint slides and show off a Web-based demo or two, all computer-based. The options I've seen are pretty darn expensive, however: what's your recommendation?

I've actually been looking quite closely at this category too, as it happens, and so far I agree with you: the choices I've seen are either incredibly expensive or just don't work that well for the type of situations I need (and, it sounds, you need too).

Recently I ran a teleseminar using the Hotconference [aff. link] system, and to be fair, it's darn attractive for a lot of situations and at less than $30/mo for a basic room that lets you present to an unlimited number of attendees, it's certainly priced well.

Here's the skeleton of how it appears on your Windows-only (alas, no Mac support) system...