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Two interviews with Dave Taylor, separated by a decade

In an interesting coincidence of timing, I have had two different interviews published today in the blogosphere, one a delightful retro look at the Internet as it was a decade ago, and one that we wrapped up just yesterday. Ten years ago, my friend Bob Rankin interviewed me for the now vanished magazine Boardwatch, a piece entitled Internet Innovators: Dave Taylor.

Here's a classic segment:

Boardwatch: Is it true you still use a vintage XT with a 300 baud modem?

Me: Actually it's a Mac Plus with 512K but I'm thinking of upgrading to a Fat Mac. No really... I currently use a Mac Centris 650 with Radius color monitor and a Courier V.34 modem to go online.

Ahh, modems. I'm sure glad to have left those things behind years ago, in favor of broadband!

A more modern interview is by Randy Charles Morin, who honored me as his Blogger of the Day: Dave Taylor on his weirdly named iBLOGthere4iM:

Randy: Why do you blog?

Me: I've always been passionate about writing, communicating, and helping explain how things work. I've been writing for over twenty years now, actually, and have been quite literally been published in magazines well over a thousand times at this point. Writing is second nature to me, and the fact that there's an audience who are interested in my views and perspectives is simply a pleasant surprise!