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How to export your AOL Address Book and Email

How can I convert my AOL files, favorites and Address Book info from the America Online (AOL) program to MSN? I am switching from AOL dialup to a new high-speed connection. Please let me know.

While America Online (AOL) is quite popular with a large group of people, it's also a common place for people to learn about the Internet then "graduate" to a more traditional Internet Service Provider.

The problem is, AOL has lots of proprietary data formats and their entire AOL software suite seems custom designed to make it hard for you to switch to another service, as you're now realizing. There's no convenient "Export Address Book" function, for example. Search for that phrase in the AOL 9.0 help system and you'll get clear details on how to export from other programs and import those addresses into AOL Mail, but not a word about how to export from AOL Mail.

All hope isn't lost, however. There are a number of different solutions that might be able to help you, ranging from...