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How do I recover my Yahoo Mail password?

Dear Dave, I wrote to Yahoo previously asking about my mail I believe had been hacked because my password is suddenly rejected. I am so disappointed no help has been given. What can I do to ask for a new password and retrieve my mail when I can't remember the zip code I entered previously?

It is such a disgrace if Yahoo! does not provide alternatives to handle such cases.
In my country, unlike the US, zip code aint popular at all. We don't use such data often. I was about to register full service by credit card, for Yahoo! with no ads, but now I am so disturbed and highly disappointed!

Pleeeeeeeeeeease HELP?

These are always interesting requests for help to receive, actually. On the one hand, it's true that prompting for a zipcode as a key to retrieve a password is very ethnocentric since most other countries in the world have either something only vaguely similar (postal codes, but they can contain letters and numbers) or have nothing that serves a similar purpose.

On the other hand, Yahoo! lets you chose from about 30 different countries, including China, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Thailand and Vietnam. Further, you can actually set any of about a dozen different reminder questions if you don't have a zip code, as shown here...