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How do I change text formats in HTML?

This is a really basic question, but I'm still just trying to figure all this Internet stuff out. I don't know any HTML. I would like to know how to a) place HTML in my coding to turn a paragraph color to red and b) increase the font size.

Nothing wrong with being at the beginning of the journey of learning about HTML and the Web. You're definitely not alone and, frankly, there are precious few people who aren't somewhere on that road too, even if sometimes it seems that they're unimaginably far ahead. :-)

It turns out that there are two different ways to accomplish what you seek within the HTML world, one that's an old-fashioned style that is pretty much obsolete, but still works, and the other, Cascading Style Sheets, that's much more powerful, albeit a bit more complex.

Let's start with the simple solution...