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The remarkable accuracy of the Tablet PC handwriting recognition

As I wrote about a few days ago (in Lenovo X41 Tablet PC: I'm not impressed), I have been evaluating a brand-new Lenovo X41 Tablet PC and while I am more and more dismayed by the performance of the unit, I am getting into the groove of working with the Tablet OS (Windows XP for Tablets) and specifically with the handwriting recognition system.

In a word: Wow!

I have used other handwriting recognition systems in the past, and even learned to modify my writing to match the Palm "Graffiti" system, but none of them gave me the sense that they would modify to match my rather sloppy handwriting rather than vice-versa, until now.

What the engineers at Microsoft's Tablet PC team have figured out is that if you combine handwriting recognition with a predictive spellcheck program, your conversion accuracy goes way up.

In addition since you can see your actual writing "under" your pen, you can also easily...