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How do I target AdWords to specific Web sites?

Dave, I've been dabbling with Google AdWords with mixed results, but I have found a few Web sites that I think are just perfect for my ad campaign. What I'd like to do is run ads just on those sites. Is that possible, and if so, how do I do it?

Without a huge amount of publicity, Google has indeed rolled out what they call site targeting, which lets you bid on having your advertisement run exclusively on a specific Web site or set of Web sites. Pretty cool idea, really!

Of course, the site has to already be enrolled in the AdSense program, and if you're lucky, it might already have an Advertise on this site link supplied by Google (though the latter is still in an early beta rollout).

Most interesting is that the entire pay model for site targeting adverts on AdWords is different: it's pay by the impression, rather than pay by the click. Specifically, Google explains that...