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Does Google visit my site more frequently because of my blog?

If I place a link on my business' home page to my weblog and then make sure to update my weblog frequently, will the "Googlebot" come a-knockin' on my home page just as frequently as my blog?

The reason I ask is because in your book Growing Your Business with Google you indicate that Google cares about pages, not sites. This seems to suggest to me that if I update my blog frequently, Google will come to my blog page frequently, but not to my site.

The answer is that you really need to realize that Google views every page of a Web site as an autonomous entity, so if you have pages that aren't updated for months at a time, they'll only be spidered infrequently, whereas pages that are updated every day or two (e.g., a weblog, etc) can end up being spidered every day.

From an efficiency perspective, this makes a lot of sense: one of the goals of a spider is to visit as infrequently as possible while still ensuring that the search engine database has the most recent copies of all Web pages possible.

That's one reason why you need to...