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Katrina disaster brings out the opportunists

Since watching the awesome and rather frightening satellite imagery from the National Weather Service as Katrina slowly but inexorably made her way into Louisiana and Mississippi, I've been rather overwhelmed at the human cost of this tragedy. It's another instance of what I refer to as the Hammer of God, when we're reminded that however much technology we have, however much we smugly conclude that we've mastered the tectonic and meteorological nuances of our planet, we're still just feathers in the cosmic winds...

As I have in the past, I strongly encourage everyone to eschew going to a movie, skip a frappuccino or two, and even have a sandwich at home instead of a fancy dinner out, sending your money, even just $20 or $30, to a reputable and legitimate charitable organization to help out those people devastated by Katrina and its aftermath.

But here's what I find most depressing about the aftermath of natural disasters: for every person who tries to help, there's another trying to exploit our desire to help those in need, to steal just a tiny bit of limelight for themselves.

Let me tell you about some of the email I've received...