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How can children survive without corn syrup?

School has started and that means that instead of us being able to struggle over cooking food that is both healthy and something our children will actually eat, we get to have the considerably harder task of trying to figure out what we can prepare for their lunches that they'll then eat in school.

As is typical each year, we scour the local market's shelves looking for food that's able to survive in a lunchbox and pretty healthy and it's astonishing to me just how hard a job that is.

For example, at the local corner market we saw that Chicken of the Sea was having a special on a mini-can of tuna, crackers, a container of fruit and a cookie, all in a nice portable package. So we bought a few of them for the kids to try... And sure enough, they kinda liked them, though neither was too thrilled with the tuna itself.

Upon reading the ingredients, I immediately understood why...