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RSS Webfeeds and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (ie7)

I'm running the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 beta and while I'm impressed with all its new features, I have no clue how to work with RSS feeds (Microsoft calls them 'webfeeds', of course) in the browser. Help?

I've also been running IE7 for a while now, and you're right, it's delightful to see pop-up blockers, tabbed browsing and lots of other new features in this mainstay of the Web browsing world. I particularly appreciated seeing their anti-phishing pop up.

Kudos to the team on a dramatic improvement, and we're only just starting to see what they're doing.

In terms of working with RSS, however, I found that quite baffling too, and it appears to be only half-completed as I still can't figure out how to view a set of RSS feeds in a single consolidated view, as I do with NewsGator. In fact, the IE7b1 (that's "Internet Explorer 7.0, release beta 1" in geek-speek) notes state specifically that "In the final version of IE7 you will be able to subscribe to a feed by adding it to your Favorites in a single click. The browser will then automatically notify you of feed updates in real time."

That being said, IE7 does offer more RSS functionality than they're suggesting, so let's have a look...