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How to Edit HTML source files with Mac OS X TextEdit

I wrote all of my web site's code using SimpleText in MacOS 9. Recently I made the step up to OS X and I've transferred all of my data from my old G-4 to the new system. When I open the html pages in TextEdit on OS X I am unable to go in and edit the code. Instead I get a screen that reads the the html and presents a page like one would see on the web. Is it possible to edit the html that was written in SimpleText and still keep it as a text file?

There are a couple of ways you can address this problem. First off, in Mac OS X, files with ".html" filename suffixes are automatically associated with Safari, the Web browser, so if you double click on them, you don't get to an editor at all.

To open a file in your editor, Control-Click on the file's icon. You'll see...