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What's the secret to online dating success?

Dave, I won't say I'm desperate, but I'm certainly frustrated. I signed up for a couple of dating / matchmaking sites to expand the pool of potential men to date and I spend lots of time fiddling with my profile, but I still don't get much of any email and have only been out on two or three dates in months. How can I be more successful with online dating?

Ah, modern times. When I was dating, our big electronic innovation was the Usenet group "" and it was a discussion group that encompassed single folk around the world. Fortunately, only a few hundred, of which a few dozen were active. Didn't do much for my dating life, but it was sure fun and the couple of parties we had, where we met face-to-face, that was very fun!

Dating, online or off, is all about clear communication, matching expectations with reality, and a liberal sprinkle of marketing and packaging. :-) In fact, I have two different references I'll cite to help you understand how to improve your results with whatever dating service you're using.

The first is from Men's Health Magazine, which recently ran an article aimed at guys who want to be more successful on Internet dating sites called "Find Her Online". Here's a summary of what it says...