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How do I use a custom domain with Blogger?

Dave, I've been working with Google's Blogger service for a while, running a weblog, but looking at your site and various others makes me want to have everything appear on my own domain, not theirs. So, how do I do it? Lots of people I've talked to say that it's not possible with Blogger, but I can't believe it.

While I have a basic blogger account of my own, I'm not an expert on how to work with the Google system. Instead, I asked my colleague Sarah Lewis of Abundant Media to share her expertise in this area. Here's what she shared:

To configure your blogger account to work with a specific domain name, you need to have a Web hosting account with that domain name already set up, an account that allows you to access your files via regular FTP. Once you have that, you'll start by logging in to your Blogger account, and, from the Dashboard, click the...