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Purchasing domain name: seller keeps raising price?

I want to buy a website on but am put off by the agreement that they will own all the content of the website. I plan to offer creative works as well as health info - I'm a physician and want this domain because it has a "good feel" to it. And I'm reluctant to put out $1800 and have a non-exclusive license to use the website after I construct it. I've already applied for the website and await approval. I want Please advise as I want to purchase this immediately. My interest has already raised the price $100. I put a bid it for $717 and it expired after 7 days. I then put in a 24hr bid for $1050 which just got the asking price raised to $1788. Please advise ASAP.

Hmmm... First off, Afternic is just a reseller so I can't imagine that they could have any claim to own any Web site content. Are you reading that wrong, perhaps, or are you seeing a different agreement from someone else? Also, please note that while there's a ".md" domain that's intended for medical professionals and the health industry, that's not the same as '', which I haven't ever heard of and which makes me wonder if you're being sidetracked or mislead by someone?

I use the site and according to a search on their site...