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What display driver do I need for my Dell laptop?

Dave, I have recently had to completely restore the operating system on my sister's Dell Inspiron 2600. SInce doing this the resolution has reduced back to 860, and cannto be changed. How do I know what driver to reinstall, (if this is what to do)?

With many major manufacturers, identifying the correct device or display driver can be a relatively easy task ... if you're lucky. Dell, like many manufacturers, stymie this, though, because they make the same "badged" model with entirely different components inside, making it hard to know exactly what driver you need without knowing about the internal components of your specific system.

Today you can go to their website and get one model (say a 6000) with processors ranging from a Celeron to various types of Centrino processors, as well as at least three different types of graphical configurations.

Now, with major manufacturers such as Dell, you can usually track exactly what is in your machine through the serial number, or something similar. Dell happens to use a unique number called...