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Smart ways to identify the best candidate for a job

It's been a while since I've been on the "receiving end" of a traditional interview, but I still find myself part of the hiring team on interviews, and still have painful memories of dotcom jobs and the resulting cascade of grossly unqualified resumes we received every week.

I've experienced cover letters with misspellings, cover letters that are obviously and embarrassingly form letters ('like Dear __hiring manager___"), missing cover letters, resumes with typos or formatting glitches, pointers to online work where the URLs don't work, and much, much worse.

But they're not the most annoying part of the process. The most frustrating, time-wasting part of hiring is one-on-one interviewing. You can easily waste 20-30 minutes per candidate, even by phone, and an aggressive culling can still produce a dozen or more apparently qualified candidates.

That's why when my colleague and friend Brad Fallon shared with me how he qualifies his candidates prior to any direct communication, I was sufficiently impressed that...