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When did Wordpress become the Blog Police?

One of the core questions that people ask when they decide to start using a weblog as the foundation of their business marketing and branding efforts is: where should I host my blog? My usual answer is that it doesn't really matter and that you can get started a lot faster by using a hosted service like Wordpress or Typepad, but I'm going to have to change that now.

Why? Because the team at has come up with new regulations about what is and isn't acceptable on blog postings, and if you cross the line, they'll not only shut your site down with less than twelve hours warning, but they'll also ban you from ever signing up again.

It starts with banning PayPerPost and related, but that's a sticky slope and it's easy to move to other prohibited areas, including perhaps exactly what your business blog is about. Then what?

Are you hosted on And if so, what's your opinion on this clarification of their Terms of Service?

Tip: this is an excerpt of a longer article on this subject: Is Wordpress now the Blog Police.