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After ten years, JonBenet Ramsey can finally rest in peace

It's been a long, strange and disturbing decade since six year old beauty pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey was found, beaten and murdered, in the basement of her parents upscale Boulder home. The court of public opinion, through books, innumerable magazine articles and even documentary movies, convinced many that the parents were to blame, even though a 1999 Grand Jury hearing concluded there was no substantial evidence of their guilt.

Now, after four years of drawing out the suspect via email, an arrest has been made in the case. John Mark Karr has been taken into custody in Thailand and has subsequently admitted his guilt in the case. But it's far, far more disturbing than that as he explained to interrogators that he drugged and had sex with this poor little six year old girl. The angels weep for this child, who would probably be a junior in High School if it weren't for Karr.

It's a long, complex story with various Internet overtones: JonBenet Ramsey can finally rest in peace.