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The impact of McDonald's Drive-thru...

I was driving around in Denver, Colorado a while back and was impressed by the architecture of a local McDonald's that they'd opened up in the Mayfair area. Here's a pic:

I usually don't go to McDonald's, frankly, but I was thirsty so I zoomed into the drive-thru and got a Coke and a small fries. Yeah, McD's fries are still darn good, as good as I remember from when I was a kid.

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While waiting for my food, I couldn't help think about just how much impact drive-thrus have had on both popular culture and, frankly, on our growing problem with people being overweight. I read somewhere or other that something like 20% of kids are now significantly overweight, for example, and I know my kids really like the drive-thru (we usually get egg mcmuffins without meat, btw, when we're on road trips).

But, yeah, whatever. The fries were good and the Coke, well, let's just say that I MUCH prefer Coke to Pepsi, and am glad McD's is still a Coca-Cola restaurant!

How about you? When was the last time you popped into a McDonald's?