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Lots of new articles from Ask Dave Taylor!

It's never quiet at my Ask Dave Taylor tech support site, and it's just about time for a roundup of the latest articles on a wide range of topics, from Sony PSP to Windows XP, eBay payment fraud to search engine optimization. Here's the full rundown:

  •   How do I detect the Sony PSP Web browser on my site?
  •   Check free space on Windows XP?
  •   Auction payment to false name at Western Union?
  •   Why don't I rank highly for all relevant searches?
  •   How do I associate a file with an application?
  •   How do I deal with angry customers?
  •   What is a "Universal Application" on a Mac?
  •   How can I avoid having Apple kill my shareware app?
  •   How can I run an app if another app is running?
  •   Are there any good collaborative editing tools online?
  •   What's the performance trade-off with partitioning a SATA drive?
  •   How do I find all child processes in Unix?
  •   Convert WMA from Windows Media Player into MP3 files?
  •   How do I disable MusicMatch Jukebox?

Lots of great reading, I'm sure!