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The Consumer Electronics Show, or the Commodity Electronics Show?

I just returned from an enjoyable few days exploring all the new technologies introduced at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and while the huge plasma TVs, high-def video, movie-friendly cellphones, Skype-everywhere and iPod peripherals were all impressive, the biggest reaction I had after the conference was that electronics have all become commodities. Not just a few years after introduction, but now almost as soon as it's on the market, it's commoditized, with technologies from companies large and small indistinguishable other than the logo and the sales outlets. It's a remarkable change in this industry, and one that shows the road down which we're heading with all manufactured goods:

    CES becomes Commodity Electronics Show

If you're paying attention to this segment of the economy - and you should be - this article will give you pause.