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Useful and interesting Windows tips and tricks

If you're like me, you probably spent at least some of your Christmas holiday puttering about on your computer, either playing games or just trying to keep up with the never-ending tsunami of email. In the midst of the chaos, however, I did have a chance to push Santa aside and write up some useful Q&A articles on common Windows topics:

  •   Changing the default font Size in Wordpad

  •   Prevent messenger programs from saving usernames and passwords

  •   Changing the default font size in Notepad

  •   Removing Norton Antivirus

  •   Adding applications to the Windows Quick Launch Bar

  •   Teaching Windows Media Player to save MP3 audio files

Phew. When the heck did I even have the chance to open some presents? Sheesh! I need a clone for Christmas next year, I think! :-)