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How to understand a Google AdSense report

If you've recently signed up for Google AdSense or even if you've had it running for a while,you might well be in the same situation as someone who wrote to me earlier this week asking what the heck all those numbers mean and how to interpret them so you can figure out exactly how your different pages are performing and what kind of return you're seeing on your AdSense ads. Fortunately I have some connections inside Google and was able to get permission to reproduce actual report pages from Google AdSense (ordinarily a violation of the AdSense Terms of Service) and step readers through exactly what is shown, figure by figure.

If you're a current AdSense participant or are even just curious about what kind of statistics Google collects from sites where its almost ubiquitous advertisements show up, you'll definitely want to read:

    How To Read a Google AdSense Report

If you're running AdSense and don't understand these numbers, you're quite possibly missing out on some additional revenue opportunities.