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Customizing your Google News Experience

In addition to keeping up on the news, I also need to be able to keep track of news stories and media coverage of specific topics that are of interest to my customers and market segment. There are a lot of different ways to accomplish this, including notably Google Alerts, but one of the best and easiest ways I've found is to use the custom search capability of Google News itself. Indeed, as a blogger, there's no better way to identify stories that you can write about or respond to on your weblog.

Customizing your Google News page isn't rocket science, but it might not be completely obvious to someone new to the Google style of interfaces, so I just wrote up a simple tutorial on how to customize your own Google News:

    How To Customize Google News

The real art of this process isn't learning how to customize, however, it's learning the perfect search patterns for your own market or sector. And that's something you'll only be able to accomplish through successive refinement, but that's pretty easy too.