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My Mac iBook Won't Sleep When Closed

My partner's 12inch Apple iBook no longer sleeps when she puts the lid down. I've never had to fix this kind of problem and hope you can help, hence the email!

You're not the first person to encounter this sort of problem with a laptop, but have faith, there are a number of standard paths you can travel to find a solution to this problem.

Here are the four top possible solutions to fix your sleepless, insomniac iBook, according to Apple:

  1. Check your Energy Saver preferences to make sure that you've allowed your Mac to sleep: From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences. Click Energy Saver, then click the Sleep tab. Make sure that the two sliders are not set to "Never" sleep.

  2. If DVD Player is the active application, your computer won't go to sleep even when...