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Blogger / Blogmaster needed at EarthLink!

Starting out as one of the million alternatives to the America Online corporate monolith, Earthlink has slowly but surely evolved into a powerhouse of its own, an Internet service provider that actually understands the Internet and Web. it's not sexy or cutting edge, but helping people who aren't tech savvy or uber-geeks have a safe and successful experience online is a pretty important job anyway. Further, if you're interested in the so-called Digital Divide and how to make the Internet more accessible to a wide range of people, the spyware blocking, anti-virus and anti-spam efforts that seem to comprise the bulk of EarthLink's effort are quite important.

What I wanted to point out, however, is that EarthLink is looking for a professional blogger to join their team and manage their own blogging efforts. EarthLink already has a Blogging Area for customers, but it also has a sporadically interesting weblog of its own, EarthLink ProtectionBlog.

But you'll want to read the description to see what Corporate America thinks about when it contemplates the wild and wooly world of the blogosphere...