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Copy DVD Movies onto your Sony PSP

I have a huge library of DVDs that I'd like to be able to watch on my Sony PSP. Since I already own them, it seems really stupid for me to have to buy the "UMD" version of them. Is there any alternative, especially for us Mac users?

There is indeed a way that you can rip DVDs onto your computer, then translate them into the format needed for the Sony PSP and copy them - space permitting - onto your Memory Stick for later viewing. But it's complex! Ready?

The first thing you'll need to do is download two programs onto your Mac: MacTheRipper, which lets you copy the DVD data onto your Macintosh computer, and PSPWare for Mac, which makes the process of translating and formatting the movie for the PSP a breeze. The former app is free, but PSPWare costs $15 shareware. Not a bad investment for this functionality.

Note that this exactly process can be used to copy someone else's DVDs onto your PSP too, but I'll encourage you to stick with movies you own, so that there's no legal issue or question of piracy. Thanks.

The first step is to insert the DVD into your computer and let Apple's DVD Player recognize it and start playing it. After a few seconds, stop the movie and quit DVD Player. Now everything's ready to start in earnest...