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What is a blogroll?

I've been trying to figure out all the mysterious jargon of the blogosphere, and one that's got me stumped is blogroll. Dave, what's a blogroll?

I'm with you, it's amazing how many different bits of jargon have now invaded the world of the Web with the increased popularity of weblogs. Fortunately, blogrolls are pretty easily defined:

A blogroll is a list of other weblogs that a given blogger either subscribes to or recommends.

Pop over to my colleague Debbie Weil's terrific Blogwrite for CEOs, for example, and down the right column Debbie has a list of "CEO Blogs", her first blogroll, and then below it (and below her advert) is "Corporate Blogs", a second blogroll. Then there's "Other Blog Resources" and "Other Smart Blogs", for a total of four blogrolls on the same Weblog.

Other bloggers approach blogrolls differently. Pop over to Paul Chaney's Radiant Marketing Group site and you'll find...