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Address Book export from Outlook Express to MSN Hotmail?

I've just signed up for MSN Hotmail and I like it. In fact, the ability to access my email from anywhere on the Internet is way cool, and 250MB of disk space for storing my old messages seems like a ton of space. The only problem is that I have a ton of contacts in my Outlook Express program on my office PC and I'd really like to have access to them in Hotmail. Is that doable?

Glad you like Hotmail. Lots of people are still quite devoted fans of this, possibly the oldest of the Web-based email services, and with 250MB of disk space, what's to complain about, right? :-)

It turns out you can accomplish what you're asking about, exporting your Address Book from Microsoft Outlook Express and importing it iinto MSN Hotmail. It's easy, but there are a number of steps you'll need to take.

First off, on your office PC start up Microsoft Outlook Express and choose...