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Sony PSP Network Update Doesn't Work?

How do I get the Network Update feature on my Sony PSP to work? I've tried what Sony suggests but it never seems to like my wireless Wi-Fi connection, so I can't ever get to the network to look for any sort of update!

Since I first got my Sony PSP I've also been trying to get this to work, with zero success. While it appears to support wireless encryption protocol (WEP), the encryption key that works fine for my Mac and PC fails on the PSP with cryptic errors like 80410D09 and 80410D07.

Then in exasperation I went to a public wifi access point at a local cafe and tried to connect using their wireless network, one that didn't have any sort of password. And it worked, first time!

The first problem I had to figure out, however, was when I tried to connect I was promptly informed that WLAN Switch Is Turned Off on the PSP screen. After some digging, I found out that...