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Wall Street Journal warns about phishing

One of the greatest banes of modern computing is the scourge of so-called phishing attacks. You know what I'm talking about: email that purports to come from Paypal, eBay, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase Manhattan, or a raft of other sites, asking you to log in and correct or update some aspect of your personal record or account.

When you click on the link, however, you don't go to the real Web site, you go to an elaborate mockup, a different site that has all the right graphics and design (since it's easy to steal HTML code) but funnels your account and password directly into a nefarious hacker's database, for them to break into your real account and do as they like.

In this brave new world (yes, that's sarcasm) it's interesting to get the following email message from the Wall Street Journal Online, where I'm a paid subscriber...