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My Tablet PC takes forever to hibernate?

Dave, Windows XP hibernation takes an extremely long time, ten minutes or longer, to get to full hibernation. What is up? What can I do? I'm using a Toshiba M200 Tablet PC with 1GB of RAM.

Everything was fine when I received it used off eBay. Since then, I've reimaged the HDD and then resized the HDD from 60 gb to 25 gb. I don't know if this is when the problem started, but it seems a likely candidate.

That can be a very frustrating situation: in modern times we want everything to happen immediately, and when it comes to laptops sleeping or waking up, even 3-4 seconds seems like forever, so I'm quite impressed that you have the patience to wait ten minutes for your tablet to hibernate!

Digging around on the Microsoft site, I did find that there's a reported problem with Tablet PC hibernation and 1GB of memory...