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How does Disney inspire customers to apologize for its products?

I've always been fascinated by Disney Corporation and its ability to continually tap into the emotional attachment that its customers have with the Disney products and brand. In a lot of ways, I think Disney is the most powerful and valuable brand in the industry, because the passion stoked by Disney does something wholly remarkable: it turns customers into fans and some into apologists.

I know because I'm a fan of Disney's theme parks. I admit it. In fact, I'm listening to the fascinating DisneyWar right now and learning even more about the background machinations of this billion dollar empire and the collective shenanigans of Michael Eisner, Jeff Katzenberg, Frank Wells, Roy O. Disney and the rest of the crew. But more about that when I'm done with the book!

As a fan, I subscribe to a variety of Disney-related publications, few of which are as good as Deb Wills' All Ears Network. In a recent issue, I was struck by an article by Disney fan Joshua Olive, who did something that every business needs: he apologized for a less than stellar product and explained how other customers could learn to get the most out of it. In this case, it's Disney's Animal Kingdom park...