Ask Dave Taylor: Tech and Business


How do I best present myself at a networking event?

Dave, I've just started attending professional networking events and don't really know how best to present myself and my company to the people who attend. Are there some tips or tricks you can share regarding how to talk about myself and how to make a good impression? I have the usual interests in partnering with others, gaining new customers and clients, etc.

I think that the best way to get involved at networking groups is to actually be in the front of the room, speaking. You only have to do that once and you'll find that everyone will remember you and seek you out. Offer to talk about an area that you possess expertise, or even to just talk about how companies in your space should be evaluated before being hired, whatever.

Potential partnerships are born when people learn about you and your business and decide that they really want to -- no, must -- work with you so that they can be more successful.

There are other ideas about networking too, including one of my favorites, Dallas-based networking group Freedom Builders DFW's "Seven Ways To Be Productive"...