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How does the University of Phoenix Online test students?

Dave, I am thinking about taking a course online through University of Phoenix, but I am concerned about the testing process. Truthfully, I test horribly because I always feel time is evading me and I am under pressure. My aunt recommended looking into UoP to earn my degree because this would take some of the classroom pressure off.

Ah yes, if there's a contentious topic in the world of higher education, it's testing. Whether you have timed tests, structured tests, oral, written, essay, experiential, there's always some compelling reason why it's not the best choice and why some subset of people are disadvantaged. It's true, though, that just as some people can learn through reading while others learn through hands-on doing and still others learn from listening to experts talk, there are different styles of testing and while some people thrive on timed tests like the GMAT or SAT, other people hate those tests and find them not to accurately measure their skill and knowledge at all.

Being one of the very largest online colleges, the University of Phoenix Online has a significant challenge with online testing...