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Like Harry Potter? You'll Love Harry Potter Conferences!

Dave, I have enjoyed the Harry Potter books and movies, but a pal just told me that there are actually Harry Potter conferences, where people talk quite seriously about the world of Harry Potter, magic, Hogwarts, and so on. I can't believe it. Tell me it isn't so. Or is it?

I'm also a fan of the Harry Potter series by "Jo" Rowling - in fact, I'm half-way through listening to book 6, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - but I'm also rather startled by the level of enthusiasm different groups have for this fictional world and its simple good versus evil storyline. But let me show you what I mean!

First off, there's The Witching Hour in October 2005, and then next year has Lumos 2006, an academic conference focused on all things Harry Potter. Here's what they have to say in answer to what'll be covered: "At Lumos, the scholarly presentations and intellectual discussion of an academic conference meet the fun and camaraderie of the typical fan convention to examine and celebrate all aspects of the Harry Potter world, from text analysis to the online fandom. We hope to create an environment where attendees can examine the novels and indulge their interests, wherever they lie, as well as explore new ground, all in the company of friends and fellow enthusiasts."

Not sure that they can pull off an academic conference on this topic? Here's their answer to that question, too: "Like any other academic conference and prior HPEF-sponsored symposia, our programming schedule will be filled with scholarly presentations exploring the Harry Potter books in various contexts."

Previous conferences from this particular group include sessions on ...