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The Latest Issue of "Dave Taylor Author News"

With twenty books on the market, I have a lot of people who not only read what I write, but are enthused enough to sign up for my author newsletter. Smart idea: I often have freebies, giveaways, information on special discounts to events I'll be attending, industry insider scoops and fun general chitchat. Even better, I only send out a newsletter sporadically, so it's typically at least a month between issues. With a few pieces chopped out (see, you should subscribe!) here's the latest issue to whet your appetite and give you an update on my latest ventures.

Hello everyone! I hope your summer is going well. For us, it's day after day of heat here in Colorado, with late afternoon storm clouds that typically blow off without giving us a drop of rain.

Fortunately, my office has air conditioning, so I've been darn busy writing and working on various book projects. Allow me to give you an update, particularly since a book I'm quite excited about is coming out this very week!


Let's start with The Complete Idiot's Guide to Growing Your Business with Google: it's due out tomorrow, actually, from Penguin/Alpha and it's a solid and invaluable business book for every online entrepreneur, whether you're part of a larger company or just someone seeking to get higher search engine ranking and more visibility for your hobby site...