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How do I use Feedburner for my Blog RSS Feeds?

Dave, I've been blogging for a while now - partially thanks to your inspiration with this great site of yours! - and would like to include one of those neat FeedBurner graphics on my site so I can track RSS subscriptions. How do I do it?

Great question! FeedBurner is a very cool service that does exactly what you state, it lets you offer a wide variety of different RSS feeds from your weblog (or podcast site) with minimal fuss and it also lets you keep track of RSS subscriptions.

Even better, the basic service is free!

Signing up is pretty straightforward too: When you go to the FeedBurner home page, the first thing you see is "Ready to burn your feed? Start here."

Enter your Weblog address, then click "Next"

Now you have to choose which of the following you want to sign up for...