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What's the best publishing medium nowadays, Ebook, Print on Demand, or ??

Dave, what format do you recommend for distributing a 75-page comprehensive research glossary for a popular and prolific alternative health author? He suggests that it should be an ebook, but that lends itself so easily to piracy. Plus people are going to want it printed out and handy during workshops and individual sessions. However, one of the biggest features are the zillion hyperlinks within the document and the ability to search for keywords. My thinking right now is to do a spiral book (like my poetry) and to include the file on CD for an extra charge. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on this?

Publishing is definitely changing, and it's fascinating to see what media are coming to the forefront while others are slowly dropping into obsolescence. While one primary motivation for authors is what I'll call "getting the word out", influencing the public discourse with their own ideas and thoughts, another primary motivation is revenue. Both are important, though they can sometimes be at cross-purposes in terms of the best way to disseminate a completed work.

In this instance, I strongly suggest that you consider just making your new book a...