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What's a Character Blog?

Dave, I've been reading all sorts of stuff on different weblogs about "character blogs", but I'm still not clear on what they are and whether they're a good thing or not. What's your opinion?

Quick: is Dave Taylor a real person, or fictitious? Am I one person writing, or a group of people working together but publishing under the rubric of a single identity?

Those two questions are the crux of character blogs and you're right, it's the buzz of the moment. In a nutshell, character blogs are blogs written by fictitious characters, whether human or otherwise. Some examples: Captain Morgan's Rum, McDonald's Lincoln Fries, "Moosetopia" and Barbie.

Some of the interesting articles I've read on this subject come from BL Ochman, Neville Hobson, Susan Getgood, Tris Hussey, Steven Streight and Shel Israel.

My personal opinion is that since anything goes in the world of blogging, character blogs are an interesting experiment and I'm glad that some companies are pushing the boundaries to see what will transpire. That the more vocal minority of the blogging community sees this as an "attack on authenticity" suggests to me that they need to...