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Why we don't take our kids to the movie theater: inappropriate previews

Linda and I went to the local cinema over the weekend to see Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and really thought it was a delightful, inventive and darn witty movie. We even thought briefly about bringing our children to see it in the theater so they can enjoy the big screen and the "cinema experience".

Until we remembered the previews that were shown prior to the movie. Most of them were no big deal, but one preview really stuck out as being wildly inappropriate for the young, innocent audience that would be inevitably attracted to a Wallace and Gromit movie: the preview for the film Zathura.

Zathura is positioned as a sort of sequel to the inventive and entertaining film Jumanji, and, to be honest, it looks rather exciting and inventive itself, even as it suffers from the limitations of any sequel in Hollywood.

So let me be clear. It's not Zathura that I'm unhappy about, it's that the preview for this film was graphic and quite frightening for small children, and inappropriate for inclusion in the Wallace and Gromit showing.

Thanks to Apple Computer, you can actually watch the exact same preview we saw...